"Best Selling Product In Its Category"

"I was impressed with the product's effectiveness immediately upon using it in my home for various applications. TKO has become my store's best selling product in it's category. I've sold many bottles at this point and have received zero returns from unsatisfied customers. There just doesn't seem to be a situation that this product can't rectify." 

John Shafer 

Whitie's Pets, Fresno, CA


"I Could Not Believe It!  The Smell Was Completely Gone." 

A week ago my golden retriever "Abby" unfortunately was sprayed by a skunk.  She had been looking through the fence and the spray hit her on the left side of her face. Before we knew this had happened she managed to run upstairs and rub her face all over our bedroom carpet. After taking care of her and throwing away everything else that had skunk smell on it, I used the same solution that we used to bath Abby on our carpet. The skunk smell was very strong and in a very large area. Nothing I used worked. 

Several days later, I was buying new dog collars for both of our dogs and had asked the clerk if she had a magic product that would take out skunk smell. She told me about TKO (Totally Kills Odors). I went home, followed the simple directions that are printed on the label and treated our carpet with TKO. 

I could not believe it! The smell was completely gone. With just one treatment, in just one hour, the skunk smell was gone. TKO worked like magic. I have told all my friends who have annoying pet odors about your product. 

Thank you so much.  You saved us from having to replace our carpet. 

Mark & Linda Davidson


"The Odor Vanished"

We have been in this building for 2 years, and then we began to have an odor problem. We had our plumber out several times to find the problem. They used sensors and finally decided that they should tear into the wall to locate the smell. This would have cost several hundred dollars. Robert Coray happened to come into the office and explained about TKO. We agreed to try a gallon. I have used it all of our drains and the odor vanished. What a relief for our employees and the stockholders. We recommend TKO to keep your drains clear from odors.  Since we are an emergency vet, I use TKO every 6-8 weeks to keep the bad smells from returning.

Gene King 

Tulare Kings Veterinary Emergency Service