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TKO+ - Bundle-Pak (Gallon+ 2 Quarts) w/ Free Shipping

TKO+ - Bundle-Pak (Gallon+ 2 Quarts) w/ Free Shipping

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This is our best deal yet. When you buy 1 gallon of TKO, you get 2 quarts for just $8.99 + FREE SHIPPING!

T.K.O.+ kills odors instantly and removes the lingering odor from uric acid. Powerful bio-enzymatic action provides an excellent breakdown of body secretions, starch, grease, blood, urine, feces and vomit. T.K.O.+ can be used in commercial and home type laundries and is also good for cleaning floors, walls, toilets, sinks and all types of fixtures and surfaces not damaged by water.

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